Every day at The Shalom Project we see mothers and fathers struggling to find food, clothing and medical services for their families. We are a Winston Salem charity that feeds the hungry, offers clothing to those in need, tutors at risk children and cares for the sick. The Shalom Project runs one of the largest food pantries and free medical clinics in Winston Salem.

Each week we provide over 1,450 meals – fill 100 prescriptions – see over 70 patients – provide emergency clothing for 200 – bring 125 meals to the homeless.

We are a volunteer driven organization with over 100 dedicated volunteers who have chosen to make a difference in their community each week. Without them we would not exist.

In May 2015, we are graduating our third class of Circle Leaders, and will begin training a fourth class in the fall.

We are actively recruiting Circle Allies to share social capital to help persons in need resolve poverty