At a time in life when many of his peers are taking things easier, successful businessman David Howell is masterminding a campaign to slash America’s prison population—not with a breakout, but with a Christ-centered break-in and breakthrough.

             David Howell

The 77-year-old oil industry veteran believes that tens of thousands of jail beds could be emptied through the graphic guidebook — How to Be a Child of God — he has produced that already has led many thankful inmates to a new life in Jesus, pledging to leave crime behind. Order Here

Results of his efforts to date suggest that the national distribution campaign Howell is now planning could cut incarceration costs by around $2 billion. And that doesn’t take into account the untold social savings for families of prisoners and victims of crime alike.

All that is possible through the distribution of the guidebook, which costs just 54 cents a copy to send free of charge to prison chaplains for distribution.

That’s an astonishing 7,000-to-1 return on investment — breaking into prisoners’ lives, and helping them breakthrough to new purpose and hope in Christ.

Successful oil executive

David Howell didn’t plan to launch a prison ministry. Indeed, he jokes that he had something more like a cruise ship ministry in mind. But God had other ideas.

After starting work in the oil industry as a 14-year-old roughneck, Howell went on to establish a successful career selling pipe, drilling and production equipment throughout the world, and later taking abandoned pipelines and salvaging them for other purposes—such as water lines in Vietnam.

David Howell, founder of Pipeline Equities

His Pipeline Equities has purchased, removed and repurposed nearly 13 million feet of pipelines for gas plants, refineries, and crude oil terminals all over the world, with an oil industry Who’s Who client list including names like Chevron, Exxon, Koch, Arco, Amoco, and FINA.

Howell salvaged abandoned pipelines;

Now partners with God on salvaging abandoned prisoners!

Founded in 2010, Prison Evangelism [] was launched to help salvage some of the people society has no use for, repurposing them with new lives.

Ever since he became a Christian in 1984, “after years of self-centeredness and self-absorption,” Howell has gratefully shared his life-changing faith with those he meets.

Brimming over with gratefulness for cleansing his black heart, this Texas gentleman, who sports a thick head of white hair and a kind smile, approaches evangelism much the same way he approaches the pipeline business. He’s a straight shooter who uses his God-given analytical ability to cut to the bottom line of how to begin a new life in Christ.

How to Be a Child of God booklet

Howell’s evangelistic heart prompted him to write How to Be a Child of God in 2010, to explain as simply as possible how someone can discover the joy and forgiveness he has found in Jesus. He planned to produce a few copies for personal distribution, but followed a friend’s suggestion to send 15,000 copies to Texas prisons.