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We often hear stories of fallen pastors, either in cases of fraudulence, adultery, fornication, child abuse, or divorce. Suicide also seems to be prevalent among pastors. Isolation, division, sickness, inability to provide for their families, unfruitful ministry, lack of souls won to the cross, and lack of spiritual fathering and mentoring can eventually lead to pastors walking away from their pulpits. Perhaps walking away defeated. Where will they go? What will they do? Will they recover? Will congregants care? Who Prays for the Pastor? The purpose of this book is to bring awareness of many things pastors experience on their journeys to answering the call of God to shepherd His people. To encourage pastors to connect with like-minded leaders for fellowship, accountability, and spiritual development. The author hopes that pastors will read the final words of this book and feel refreshed in knowing that God is the God of mercy and grace. This book will encourage you to pray that your pastor remains holy in the course of their assignment, fully understanding that God who gives vision also makes the provision.