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Most people know someone who has committed suicide, attempted suicide, or thought about suicide. But how many books are you aware of that have been written with the intent to prevent suicide? Very few people really “want” to commit suicide. Instead they want to live. But between the hesitations of suicide, attempted suicide, and thoughts of suicide, are outstanding reasons Why I Didn’t and Why You Shouldn’t Commit Suicide. These reasons are sometimes obscure. They are found in unlikely places similar to a rose bush with its thorns as symbols of pain, but beautifully adorned with roses, bringing balance to the thorns. Why I Didn’t and Why You Shouldn’t Commit Suicide are reflections drawn from the lives of famous people, leaders, celebrities, Shakespearian writing, biblical narratives, military personnel, and veterans. The author’s personal encounter of thinking about suicide, coupled with his desire to help others before they go any further in their contemplation of carrying out their thoughts of committing suicide has brought enormous fulfillment. Why I Didn’t and Why You Shouldn’t Commit Suicide is an excellent resource for: • Military personnel (entering, current, and exiting) • Veterans • Middle & High School students • College & Universities students Parents, chaplains, guidance counselors, educators, pastors and others will find this book a wonderful resource for suicide prevention.