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Karen’s book, “The Compassionate Congregation,” co-authored with Ginger Jurries, is full of information and practical suggestions about how people can be more helpful and compassionate with those who are going through a life crisis.

The book is based on interviews with individuals who have been through challenging times themselves, from the death of a loved one to serious illness and offers both inspirational and instructional advice. Founded on Christian values, it is a great “go-to” resource for anyone who wants to be a more helpful and caring friend. The book also includes other related resources as well as a self-guided workshop for small groups.

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Karen Mulder is a woman of strong faith. The journey that led to her radio show, book and seminars began when she was teaching adult bible study classes. “I found that I had a gift for teaching, and I absolutely loved it,” she recalls.

Wanting to gain a deeper understanding of her faith and further develop her teaching skills, she entered Western Theological Seminary after her sons were grown. She had a particular interest in pastoral care, which began when she was discussing Luke 13 in a women’s Bible study class she was teaching. “It’s where Jesus sees the woman who’s all bent over and hasn’t been able to stand straight for 18 years,” explains Karen. “I asked these women, ‘When have you felt like that— maybe not physically, but mentally, spiritually or emotionally—when you were so bent over it was hard to face the day…?’

“As they shared their stories with me, I also asked them, ‘During that period, what did someone say or do that helped you the most?’ And they had such down-to-earth wisdom about how people cared for them, that it all just started to click: This is information everybody needs! We’re surrounded by people who are going through various crises; we’re all called to care for those who are hurting.”

And that’s how Wisdom of the Wounded began. Karen graduated from the seminary in 1991 and “The Compassionate Congregation,” was published in 2002. In 2011 she began her radio show.

“I’m humbled by it all,” says Karen, about the path she feels God has chosen for her. “My guide through life has always been Genesis 12:2, which is, ‘Blessed to be a blessing.’ That’s how I feel.”

What’s most satisfying to her is knowing that her work is truly helping people care for individuals who are hurting. “I can hardly wait to get up in the morning and get going,” she says with characteristic zeal. “I only wish there were more hours in the day.”


Wisdom of the Wounded was founded on the belief that we can help each other through the difficulties in life by sharing our stories and experiences. As Founder Karen Mulder says, “Those who have actually been in a crisis offer the best advice on how to help others get through a similar situation.”

Everyone knows someone who is going through a difficult time in life—a divorce, a death, a child in trouble. Here, you’ll find many valuable resources to help you become a more compassionate and caring friend to those in need. Karen’s weekly radio show, her book and the wisdom section on this site are all based on the experiences of others who have been through similar situations.

If you’ve been through a difficult period yourself, please share your story with Karen: What helped you the most during that time? Then feel the immense satisfaction that comes from helping others!